Practical coaching for a wonderful life

Life can be wonderful. And often it’s messy. With so much going on, it’s easy to forget, or set aside, what’s most important.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who’s looking out for your best interest, who’s on call to support you in having a wonderful life no matter what’s going on? I can be that someone.

Life coaching is about seeing where you are, and getting clear on where you want to go — from your relationships and work to your health and finances — then coming up with a practical plan and enjoyable daily steps to move toward your goals. It’s practical coaching for life that lives in the real world.

It’s not rocket science. More like the art of soulful partnership. A coach is like a good friend who is trained in listening for what you want (even among the complaints), and in being your biggest advocate with no agenda other than helping you get what you want.

The life coaching process is about moving towards being healthy, happy, and wise. It’s about balance. It’s about being and having enough. It’s about moving forward and enjoying the process.

I’ve used coaches to help me get clear on what I want. For communicating better with my wife and kids. For making commitments and having someone follow up with me on them. For making specific plans. To brainstorm ideas for funding my music. For releasing emotion and venting. For having someone to be utterly honest with.

How does it work?
Life coaching is a confidential partnership that involves ongoing sessions that take place normally over the phone, perhaps an hour each week, or whatever suits your needs. The coaching relationship can last as short as a few weeks to over a year. We can create the coaching experience to be anything you’d like.

My background
I received my coach’s training through Dave Ellis’ Falling Awake certified life coaching program. I also draw on my experience as a lifelong student of what it means to live well. I received an English degree from the University of the Pacific in California and have gone through numerous personal development and experiential programs like Outward Bound and Up With People. I am a songwriter, music producer, graphic designer, and the author of a book on osteopathic medicine. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Myriam since 1989. We have two college-age daughters, and live in Boulder, Colorado.

An invitation
I invite you to try life coaching and experience the wonderful benefits for yourself. I’d like to offer you a complimentary coaching session to see if this is for you. Email me at scott (at symbol) I look forward to talking with you.

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