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Success Strategy – Trust Yourself

Trust yourself above all others

– Trust your desires.
– Trust that your desires are good for you.
– Trust your action plan; you are the best source.
– Trust your own feelings and opinions, but of course, research and study.
– You will get the best results for you.
– You are the best informed person on you. You spend the most time with you.
– You’ll train yourself to make good decisions.
– Trust increases self esteem, inspires confidence in others.

– Trust yourself enough to know when not to.
– Forgive yourself, if you make mistakes.
– Don’t use this to choose too quickly.
– Sleep on it.
– Talk with others.

How to practice trusting yourself
– Consider it a habit and create a new habit.
– Recognize that you’ve done a great job already.
– Realize that self doubt is everywhere (e.g. from advertising, politicians, the news, religious leaders).
– Many others are continuously trying to influence you.
– Don’t take it personally.
– Refrain from reinforcing doubt.
– Speak confidently.
– Be willing to withdraw your certainty. You can change your mind.
– Seek opinions, not advice.
– Don’t look to others for THE answer.
– Quit reading self-help books for answers.
– Fire any coach who tells you what to do.
– You know what’s best for you. Practice knowing that.